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Pond Swans
The Mending Tree
Wasaga BeachSummer 2013
Ice Cream KittySantorini, OiaGreece, 2014
Delos PoppyDelos, MyknonosGreece 2014
Foreign ScoopLindos, RhodesGreece 2014
Caldera LivingSantorini, Greece 2014
Frances MayesA Year in the World
Turkish LibraryRhodes Old TownGreece 2014
Beach ReadsLindos RhodesGreece, 2014
St. Paul’s BayLindos, RhodesGreece 2014
She sells sea shells by the sea shoreRhodes, Greece 2014
Mykonos Mule, Greece 2014
Athens Acropolis, Greece 2014Parthenon Angles